The Tube Only Violin


Formatas: 180 gr, gatefold sleeve

Leidimo metai: 2003,

Originalus įrašo leidėjas: Tacet,

Žanras: Classic

Kategorija: Žyma:

Heart-expanding violin pieces to suit the Viennese taste, all of them taken from the very heart of the world’s violin repertoire is what is found on this new release from the small smithy of sound, Tacet. It seems astounding that a northerner such as Daniel Gaede should have chosen to follow in the footsteps of well-established violinists from the Donau city – but you’ll soon change your opinion when you listen to this disc! Gaede, a winner of numerous international competition, received the highest honour which can be awarded to a musician in Vienna. In 1994, aged just 26, he was appointed principal violinist (concertmaster) of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and convinced many an older violinist of his capabilities with his outstanding recordings of works by Kreisler.
This new album, a collection of brilliant arrangements of favourite compositions from the 19th and 20th century, guarantees sheer listening pleasure from beginning to end. Thanks to the first class sound, achieved by using “purist” tube technology, this album will surely take its rightful place among works of reference.

Recording: September 2002 in Festeburgkirche, Frankfurt (Germany) by Andreas Spreer und Roland Kistner
Production: Andreas Spreer