Speaker Diamond 10


Naujausias HiDiamond Hi-End lygio kolonėlių kabelis.

Panaudota patobulinta Ultra Pure Single Crystal Copper© (UP-SCC 4VRC) vario apdirbimo technologija.

Ilgis: 2 x 3m.

Kaina už komplektą.


HiDiamond has improved its exclusive UP-4VRC, Ultra Pure Single Crystal Copper© (UP-SCC 4VRC), technology for processing Copper. Reference point for high-end speaker cables with unique characteristics such as the improved processing of 4VRC° Copper (main component for sound transmission) which can now be defined as ULTRA-PURE OXYGEN FREE 4VRC°. The D10 Top of the range (for each channel there are 2 D9s. One cable is used for the positive and the other for the negative).

Pure explosion. The TOP Hi-END of Speaker cables. It is advisable to use support tripods, given its considerable weight.

Technical characteristics: External jacket mm. 26 x 2; Number of Cond. 32x4mm.; Cond. UP-4VRC, Ultra Pure Single Crystal Copper© (UP-SCC 4VRC); Capacity max. C 30Pf.; Conductor Resistance: 1.9 OHM/km.