Signal Diamond 10


Naujausias HiDiamond Hi-End lygio tarblokinis kabelis.

Panaudota patobulinta Ultra Pure Single Crystal Copper© (UP-SCC 4VRC) vario apdirbimo technologija.

Ilgis: 2 x 1.0m

Kaina už komplektą.


HiDiamond has improved its exclusive UP-4VRC, Ultra Pure Single Crystal Copper© (UP-SCC 4VRC), technology for processing Copper. Reference point for high-end speaker cables with unique characteristics such as the improved processing of 4VRC° Copper (main component for sound transmission) which can now be defined as ULTRA-PURE OXYGEN FREE 4VRC°. The D10 Top of the range contains 2 different types of signal cables to obtain an extremely clean, precise, dynamic analog sound, space and resolution between the instruments. This cable has raised the bar in music signal transfer in RCA cables. The TOP HI-END cable for RCA signal cables. An absolute reference.

Technical characteristics: External jacket mm.16; Number of Cond. 8; Cond. Ultra-Pure Oxygen Free 4VRC© (UP-SCC 4VRC); Capacity max. 63nf/Km.; Conductor Resistance: 9 Ohm/Km.; Shield Resistance: 10 ohms/km