New Horizon 129


Suprojektuota ir pagaminta Italijoje,

Dirželinė pavara,

Standus 25mm storio korpusas,

Didelio tikslumo plieninis guolis,

Skaidrus metakrilato 12mm storio diskas,

Paauksuotos RCA jungtys

Komplektuojama su: Audio-Technica AT91 galvute,

Sinchroninis variklis 24VAC,

Juoda matinė spalva, šviesus medis, tamsus medis.

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The 129 is a beautiful 100% Made in Italy turntable. Oh yes, the 129 is the new turntable completely made in Italy.

The exclusive design and the availability of three modern finishes make it contemporary and able to meet the expectations of the most demanding. This model adopts for the first time the New Horizon tonearm realized respecting the basic principles of the philosophy: to face the problem, to analyze all the aspects, to simplify the solution and to create something unique and effective.

An easy turntable with sound as a great protagonist.

  • The turntable pulsating heart is the compact 24VAC synchronous motor whose main feature is its extremely regular rotation, independent from the variations of the mains voltage, given that its speed depends on the mains frequency. The high torque and the rotation speed of 500 rpm actively contribute to the regularity and fluidity of the plate rotation.
  • 129 is a set of mechanical parts in action. The largest internal source of noise and vibrations is the motor that must be isolated as much as possible from all other parts of the turntable. The engine insulation in New Horizon turntables is made by an exclusive mechanical suspension system. Through precision steel springs, calibrated on the suspended weight of the motor and the pulley, the oscillation transmission to the plinth is efficiently blocked.
  • The transmission of the motion to the plate is obtained by a special belt in natural rubber. The choice of this material ensures an excellent energy transfer and a good decoupling from the vibrations produced by the engine during the operation.
  • One of the strong points in New Horizon turntables is the plate rotation pivot. The perfection of the movement is the result of a accurate project and several prototypes. Today the piece in production has a sturdy inverted bearing structure in three pieces of aluminum and steel that guarantee the maximum “silence” and a very low rotation friction.
  • The NH 91 is a 9″ straight cardanic arm entirely designed and built in New Horizon laboratories. Vertical and horizontal movements based on very low tolerance ball bearings and hand assembly ensure the best coupling of components. It is the result of continuous research and passion that pushes us incessantly to offer a fantastic product.
  • 129 is a rigid-base turntable. It is essential that the base, or plinth, is able to keep stable the fixing of the other parts of the apparel and to stand opposite to the transmission of vibrations and resonances: our choice at New Horizon is the compressed recycled wood pulp and artificial resins. This material is extremely smooth and heavy and its isomorphic composition works much more efficiently than the solid wood.
  • The appearance is extremely important: on New Horizon turntables there are only laser-cut plates in Crystal Methacrylate. This material with a high specific weight combines the excellent ability to disperse the vibrations kinetic energy, to the elegance of a perfect transparency.
  • New Horizon turntables are interfaced in the best way with all your electronics. An excellent insulating material plate accommodates the gold-plated RCA output terminals. The ground connection is not necessary because the 129 has its own internal shielding.

Tech Spec 129

Turntable System: Single Rigid Plinth
Tonearm: 9″ NH91 Arm
Cartridge: Audio Technica AT-91R MM
Drive System: External Silicone Drive Belt
Motor: Synchronous AC
Decoupling: Motor by Springs
Speed: 33 1/3, 45 rpm
Speed Selection: Mechanical
Platter: 12mm / 1.05kg Crystal methacrylate, Machined
Size (WxDxH): 450 x 365 x 102 mm
Weight (Shipping): 4.9 (5.8) kg
Finish: Laminated Black / Dark Wood / Light Wood
Included accessories:
RCA Interconnection Cables
Laptop wired 24VAC / 500mA Power Supply
Owner Manual
Cartridge Reference Template
Anti-Skating Weight
Arm’s Balancing Weight
NH Sling Bar
Hexagonal Wrench
Methacrylate Dust Cover (optional)