Audiofilinis STS Analog leidimas,

Formatas: 180 gr,

Leidimo metai: 2004,

Katalogo numeris: STS Analog 6111128,

Žanras: Jazz, Easy listening

Kategorija: Žymos: ,

Ingram Washington, vocals
Cajon Witmer, piano (and arrangements)
Eric (Mr. B) Barkman, bass
Marcel von Engelen, drums
Sjoerd Dijkhuizen, tenor saxophone

180g Virgin Vinyl DMM Mastered
MW Coding Process

High Quality 180g Vinyl! Direct Metal Master Import LP! Pressed at Optimal In Germany!
Metal Cutting by Gunter Pauler Germany! Ingram Washington sings 10 songs from the American Songbook including „Embraceable You” and „I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face”. Outstandingly true genius, not only vocally but musically as well.
This album showcases jazz standards of the past and present and presents them in a more unique and listenable style. Great arrangements!
„Here is a brand-new LP album of the legendary American songbook singer Ingram Washington. New is not entirely truth since the music tracks are still the same from the old album, but there is a very distinguished difference in the two albums Sweet ‘n’ Low.
First Ingram did sing again on the remastered MW Coding Process music tracks. I came up with the idea, because Ingram told me that he was going to leave Holland and go back to the United States. He lives a long time in Holland and in that time, we did a lot of very good selling CD albums and even the LP What A Difference A Day Makes.
That’s the reason that I’ve asked him, before he was leaving to the States, to sing all new tracks for the special edition; Sweet ‘n’ Low LP. The top of all his albums is of course „What A Difference a day makes” and it still keeps selling even with the new MW Coding Process edition.
I don’t know if we can beat this album „What a difference a day makes” in sound performance, but we’ve made a pretty good try, I think. You will be the judge of that of course. You can be sure that the MW Coding Process LP album of Sweet ‘n’ Low is more sweet and gentle than the CD version.

I hope you like the sound we’ve achieved with the use of all this exclusive equipment and cables and last but not least the voice and the choice of music from Ingram Washington.”
Fritz de With, Balance Engineer, STS Digital Features:
• High Quality 180g Vinyl
• Direct Metal Master
• Pressed at Optimal in Germany
• Metal Cutting by Gunter Pauler Germany