Electrocompaniet EC 4.8 Mk2


Here is the 4.8 two-channel preamplifier, set to join the ranks of Electrocompaniet award-winners.

Designed to make all power amplifiers sound even better, and to fill the need for a reference preamplifier at a higher price point, the 4.8 will master sources and power amplifiers, making the system reach even higher.

Dual mono construction with a power supply for each channel ensures sublime sound quality. Remote control via supplied unit or optional RF based ECT 2.

New SPAC network for safety control of connected power amplifiers is also included.



Input impedance balanced (fixed):                  47 Kohm

Output impedance:                   100 ohm

Input level    (Single ended): >15 Vp-p

Input level    (balanced):         >30 Vp-p

Max output level    (Single ended):                  >15 Vp-p

Max output level    (Balanced):                         30 Vp-p

Gain:                  – 111dB to +6dB

Noice Floor:     <-130dB (@ 0dB gain)

Frequency response:                0.5 – 200.000 Hz

Channel Separation:                 > 120dB

THD + N            <0.002%

IMD                    TBD

Dimensions and Weight:

Width:               483 mm / 19 inch

Depth:               386 mm / 16.1 inch

Height:              76 mm / 4.5 inch

Weight:             9 kg


Balanced:         2 x2 channel

Single ended: 3 x 2 channel

Control Ports:

Network           3 x SPAC

Programming 1 x USB


Balanced:         1 x 2 channel

Single ended: Record Out