Aes Ebu Big One


Ilgis: 1m,



Cable with proprietary technology, 4VRC copper cooking for four times in order to obtain a reduction in values of inductance, capacitance and resistance mixed with graphite. Graphite in this solution allows to block the noise generated inside of the cable from the passage of an electrical signal (which is nothing the musical signal) to bring out a perfect signal without any introduction of noise that would spoil the final result. Insulator in XLPE, 100 times better than normal teflon.

This lowers the threshold of spike’s escape and therefore the width of the musical signal barrier guaranteeing greater linearity and low amplitude of the sine wave of the basis for the benefit of the naturalness of musical signal emission.

Designed specifically for the transmission of the digital signal to an impedance of 110 ohms, as required by the committee AES EBU, the connectors are plated with rhodium, having a shell made of carbon fiber anti-magnetic, to ensure transmission of the musical message without compromise. Furthermore, the use of technology twisted inside the cable ensures an optimal tonal balance.

All these innovations bring to have a result that this cable has a huge dynamic impact, a yield in the low-pitched range hot and present detailed and never swell, the exceptional focus, wide soundstage outlined in all its extended size, deeply divided and open, both in height, width and depth.

Disarming conflict resolution speed during the attack transients, and fast release, with a propensity for descent below notable, crystal clear but never aggressive, more black around the orchestral plan guaranteeing a record-breaking three-dimensionality. Simply the point of arrival in the world of digital transmission .

Technical characteristics: External jacket mm.16; Number of Cond. 10; Cond. Graphite/Copper (4VRC); Capacity max. 16 Pf/m.; Conductor Resistance: 21 Ohm/ km.; Shield Resistance: 6,98 Ohm/km.