Chet Baker & Strings


Formatas: 180 gr,

Leidimo metai: 2011,

Originalus įrašo leidėjas: Columbia,

Žanras: Jazz.

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This release offers a unique glimpse of a young Chet Baker in a quintet setting, complemented by a nine-piece string section. Utilizing the uniquely modern arrangements of Johnny Mandel, Marty Paich, Jack Montrose, and Shorty Rogers, this interaction of ‘West Coast cool’ with primordial elevator music escapes many – if not indeed all – of the potential sonic pitfalls such a marriage might suggest. In the truest sense of the word augmentation, the string arrangements provide the desired opulence sans the heavy-handed or syrupy residual effects. Perhaps most inspiring about this outing is the success with which Baker and crew are able to thrive in this environment, providing subtle insight into the quintet’s ability to simultaneously adapt and explore. „Love Walked In” incorporates a trademark volley of interaction between Baker and Sims. „Love” contains what is arguably the most successful implementation of the string section, as well as some stellar soloing by Freeman. In fact, his contributions to this particular recording rank among his finest with Baker and company. The same enthusiasm can likewise be applied to „A Little Duet for Zoot and Chet”. Not only are Sims and Baker in top flight, but the string arrangement swings irresistibly as well. The easygoing and otherwise winding strings support the cool bop like a kite in a March breeze – light, airy, and conspicuous only in altitude.

Tracks A 7 & 8 and B 7 are bonus tracks not on original release.

Recording: December 1953 in mono
Production: Richard Bock.